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Best Selling Items

8" x 11" Cutting Board



400 degrees for 6 minutes

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4.25" X 4.25" Jewelry Box - Golden Oak



Size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 2.3"
Imprint Area: 4.25" x 4.25"
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6" X 6" Jewelry Box - Golden Oak



Size: 7.2" x 7.2" x 2.3"
Imprint Area: 6" x 6"
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Teflon Pillow, Each

Teflon Pillow, Each

These durable cushions protect your garments and fabrics from the harsh heating process used during garment decoration. They eliminate the indentation that can sometimes appear from the top platen on pressed materials and allow for easy pressing on small areas on large garments. The pillow gives a lift to the garment so the top platen is not able to clamp down as tight preventing the edges from platen from touching the garment.

The teflon pillows are made with a foam core surrounded by a teflon-coated sheet, giving the pillow a long life span. Simply, place a pillow in between the garment to keep pockets from pressing into the back of the shirt or pants. These are also great with jerseys and preventing marks on transfers and vinyl letters, as well as perfect for use with V-neck or boat-neck shirts, zippers, buttons and thick seams. Press transfers or vinyl onto jerseys without the transfer adhesive sticking to the back of the jersey through the mesh holes! No more worries! Practical, easy to use, and saves you both time and money! Available in 5 different sizes and dimensions!
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SubliDecal White 8.5"x11"

**CLOSEOUT**3 oz. Sublimation Shot Glass - Gold Trim w/ Imprintable White Patch

**CLOSEOUT**3 oz. Sublimation Shot Glass - Gold Trim w/ Imprintable White Patch


The average shot glass might not leave you with many memories, but our sublimatable shot glass certainly will! These shot glasses make the perfect personalized gift for party animals! Celebrate 21st birthdays, promote your restaurant or bar, or create a personalized collection for your favorite drinker!

Note: The clear glass portion of the shot glass may sublimate during the heating process. In order to avoid your image transferring onto the clear part, we suggest keeping your image placed directly within the white imaging patch or using thermal tape to cover the clear area during pressing.

Basic Info:
Size: 3 oz
Bright white sublimation patch
For sublimation only

Pressing Instructions:
Make sure to print in reverse
Fit transfer against item with a shot glass wrap
Temperature: 400F
Bake approximately 12-15 minutes in the oven
Remove paper immediately
Note: Baking times may vary depending on the individual oven.
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1.5 oz. Shot Glass

1.5 oz. Shot Glass

1.5 oz. Ceramic Shot Glass

1.5 oz. Ceramic Shot Glass

MultiCal Decal

MultiCal Decal

Car and refrigerator magnets: Print on MultiCal and adhere to magnetic sheeting, cut to size and shape desired. MultiCal lays perfectly flat and lasts years longer than so-called "sublimatable magnets".

Decals and Stickers: Use MultiCal to decorate a wide variety of uncoated products, including color gift tins, plastic or metal goods, fiberboard or hardboard, photo albums and notebooks - the list is endless!

Glass jar labels: Proven to last through hundreds of dishwashings without any sign of peeling or fading, MultiCal is the perfect way to personalize jars for your mother's home-made jelly, or personalize wine or beer bottles!

Reclaim metal and Unisub®: Ideal for reclaiming misprinted or used metal, FRP, or fiber board, including license plates, signs and Unisub® products.

Color proofing: Use MultiCal to color-test your transfers before a large print run. It's less expensive to color-test with a $1 piece of MultiCal than a $9.95 cookie jar!

Larger sizes and rolls available upon request.
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15 oz. Plastic Sublimation Travel Mug with Lid

15 oz. Plastic Sublimation Travel Mug with Lid


With sublimatable plastic travel mugs, you can have the crisp and vibrant color of sublimation on a durable, lightweight travel mug. This travel mug is made of a specially formulated polymer that will withstand the temperature required for sublimation transfer. These mugs are tough enough for children, picnics and everyday use!

Plastic travel mugs REQUIRE the use of an aluminum insert tool for the mug to keep shape during the pressing process.

For use in a mug press only:
Print image in reverse
MUST use 15 oz aluminum insert tool
Check your mug press user manual for specific time and temperature.
Remove paper immediately

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New Products

Photo White Marble Coasters

Photo White Marble Coasters


For you photographers out there, we've given tumbled marble a frosty-white coating that conceals veins and delivers dramatic color. Photo White Marble is perfect for photographs, graphic designs, contemporary and modern art, or any time you want your image to really “Pop!” Features King Coat™ for superior durability and color. We regret, we cannot hand-pick these; they are beautiful as is.
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