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Best Selling Items

Leatherette Wallet - Small- 4.75" x 4" x .75"

Leatherette Wallet - Small- 4.75

11 oz. Ceramic Mug

11 oz. Ceramic Mug

White Lighters

White Lighters


Zippo-style wind-proof lighters, printable one-side, white semi-gloss finish.
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Compact Mirror - Square - 2.25" x 2.25"

Compact Mirror - Square - 2.25


Make a statement with this brilliant high-shine silver personal compact mirror! Whether it is decorated with a photo of a loved one or a trendy pattern or design to match a favorite accessory, this beautiful keepsake is sure to leave an impression!

These compact mirrors now come with NEW AND IMPROVED DynaSub metal inserts!

Our compact mirrors work well in combination with Artainium and Sublijet sublimation inks. We also recommend Image Right sublimation paper for best results! Learn more about the process of sublimation!
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14 oz White Travel Mug

14 oz White Travel Mug


With a superb finish and lasting quality, these 14oz. travel mugs are made with a budget in mind. Lightweight and made of the finest quality stainless steel and safe plastic materials, this mug features a single wall, stainless steel outer shell with a plastic inner lining. A sliding drink spout sits atop the screw-on top and prevents unwanted spills. The comfortable handle features finger grip molds and thumb rest for secure drinking. Comes in stainless steel sublimation finish and white sublimation coating finish.
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8 oz. Stainless Steel Flask

8 oz. Stainless Steel Flask


Flasks are back! The old-fashioned drink-storing product is now a trendy accessory! Made out of stainless steel, these elegant flasks make perfect gifts for party hosts, promotional gifts, bridesmaids or groomsmen or just your favorite social drinker!

Basic Information:
•Size: 8 oz
•Stainless steel imprintable surface
•Not recommended for acidic liquids
•For sublimation only

In heat press:
•NOTE: Remove lid before pressing
•Temperature: 400°F
•Time: 45 seconds

In a conventional oven:
•Must use a flask wrap
•Follow all steps above, but bake for approximately 9-10 minutes
•Remove paper immediately
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MultiCal Decal

MultiCal Decal

Car and refrigerator magnets: Print on MultiCal and adhere to magnetic sheeting, cut to size and shape desired. MultiCal lays perfectly flat and lasts years longer than so-called "sublimatable magnets".

Decals and Stickers: Use MultiCal to decorate a wide variety of uncoated products, including color gift tins, plastic or metal goods, fiberboard or hardboard, photo albums and notebooks - the list is endless!

Glass jar labels: Proven to last through hundreds of dishwashings without any sign of peeling or fading, MultiCal is the perfect way to personalize jars for your mother's home-made jelly, or personalize wine or beer bottles!

Reclaim metal and Unisub®: Ideal for reclaiming misprinted or used metal, FRP, or fiber board, including license plates, signs and Unisub® products.

Color proofing: Use MultiCal to color-test your transfers before a large print run. It's less expensive to color-test with a $1 piece of MultiCal than a $9.95 cookie jar!

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8" x 11" Cutting Board



400 degrees for 6 minutes

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15 oz. Mug Color Two-Tone

15 oz. Mug Color Two-Tone

ChromaLuxe White .045 Aluminum Photo Panels with 1/8" Radius Corners

ChromaLuxe White .045 Aluminum Photo Panels with 1/8

*Press Larger than a 16"x20" required.
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New Products

DecoFilm - Pink

DecoFilm - Pink

DecoFilm - Royal Blue

DecoFilm - Royal Blue

DecoFilm - Orange

DecoFilm - Orange

DecoFilm - Green

DecoFilm - Green

DecoFilm - Fuchsia

DecoFilm - Fuchsia

DecoFilm - Red

DecoFilm - Red

DecoFilm - Brilliant Aqua

DecoFilm - Brilliant Aqua

DecoFilm - Brilliant Rainbow

DecoFilm - Brilliant Spectrum

DecoFilm - Brilliant Spectrum

Glitterflex Printable - DH White 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Blue 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Blue 19.5

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Pink 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Pink 19.5

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Green 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Green 19.5

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Yellow 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Neon Yellow 19.5

Glitterflex Printable - Rainbow Opaque White 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Rainbow Opaque White 19.5

Glitterflex Printable - Light Gold 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Light Gold 19.5

Glitterflex Printable - Silver 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable - Silver 19.5

Glitterflex Printable- White 19.5" x 15'

Glitterflex Printable- White 19.5

Laser-Dark A & B for Finishing- 8.5" x 11"- 100 Sheets

Laser-Light (No-Cut)- 8.5" x 11" - 100 Sheets


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