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Best Selling Items

17 oz. Latte Mug

17 oz. Latte Mug

Transfer Gloves - Cotton w/ Heat-Resistant Latex Coating, Pair

Transfer Gloves - Cotton w/ Heat-Resistant Latex Coating, Pair


NOTE: These gloves are meant for short-term, limited use with high heat products or presses. They are not designed to withstand longer exposure to high heat and caution should be used when handling hot items as you can still be burned while using these gloves.

Tired of burning your fingertips pulling your pressed image off of a sublimation substrate? Try our heat gloves, which can help resist the hot temperatures often needed for pressing heat transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl and sublimation blanks. These gloves are made of knitted cotton and have a nylon and latex coating, making the glove heat and slip-resistant.

Basic Information:
Knitted Cotton
Latex coating
2 gloves in each set
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NEW Subli-Patch - Sublimation Flock Material - 11" x 17" - Each

NEW Subli-Patch - Sublimation Flock Material - 11


Our newest sublimation product allows you to print and cad-cut images to be heat pressed onto dark garments, cotton garments and more! You no longer need to worry about using 100% polyester, white fabrics to achieve the vibrant, beautiful sublimation images on your garments!

Subli-Patch is a two-step process that requires printing your image onto sublimation paper, then pressing it onto the Subli-Patch material. This fabric material can be cad-cut using a vinyl cutter in order to get detailed, professional results, or can be applied directly to your garment.

White Polyester Sublimation Flock
Glue Adhesive and Backer sheet included
Brilliant Color Reproduction
Crisp Clean details
No Edge sewing required

Finished patches transfer to:
- Cotton
- Polyester
- Blends
- All colors including dark colors
- Hats
- Shirt collars and sleeves
- Work and Sports Uniforms
- Canvas Bags
Will not fade or crack after multiple washings

Basic Info:
For sublimation only
Works on light AND dark garments
Vibrant colors
Works best with heat press

Pressing Instructions:
1)Print image in reverse onto sublimation paper
2)Press paper onto Subli-Patch fabric
3)Press glue sheet to back of Subli-Patch
4)Contour cut images out
5)Press Subli-Patch to garment
6)Temperature: 320-340 F
7)Time: 15 seconds
8)Pressure: Heavy
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16oz Mason Jars

16oz Mason Jars


*Lids are not available at this time.

These wide-mouthed, straight-sided, 16-ounce glass mason jars are perfect as casual drinking glasses, or personalized containers for jams, salsa, pickles, honey, left-overs, candles, sewing notions, and so much more. All feature our renowned King Coat ™ frost coating. Use our UltraWrap™ for an easy top-to-bottom image transfer.

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Sublimation Paper 8.5 x 11 - 100 Sheets


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